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Senate Meeting Mon Mar 25 2019

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Description SAC Senate Meeting Minutes 25/03/19Minutes: 13Start Time: 11:37 a.m.End Time: 11:50 a.m.EXEC STATEMENTSLaine: submit designs for the new sac store on the facebook post-only one will be chosen-Due Date: Friday MorningJack: Twin day went wellSammy on behalf of Joey (Joeys not here):budget forms due friday-Can be found on the facebook-Class Rep Meeting moved to April 11thSammy: I will message you on facebook to warn you for your impeachment if you haven’t beenhere for 2 consecutive meetings-Does not mean that you are impeached yet; if you are not here the next meeting you areimpeached (3 consecutive no-shows and you are done)Elections Meeting: April 3CONSTITUTION REFORM COMMITTEEEthan: Made amendments to election act-posted to senate group.AMENDMENTS TO ELECTION ACT (to be implemented)-eliminated class rep or senator requirement to run for positions-added mentorship for SAC training if people haven't been on the senate-Candidates must attend all senate, class rep, and budget meetings from start of theircandidacy to end of year.-When elected they must meet with the current exec. The EXEC will have a template toinform them of various info relating to the position.-Vice Presidents have to be grade 11 or 12 to run-Presidents have to be grade 12 to runDiba: why was age chosen as the requirement?Evan: With no rep or senator requirement we opened up exec positions to way more of theschool, so it may become even more of a popularity contest-Grade 11 and 12s have more years and likely more knowledge and experience toaccount for that-gets more respect which is important for the leadership role.
-Also if all other EXECS are grade 12 except for the president a weird power dynamic iscreatedEthan: Earlier grades can go for other EXEC positions so when they are in grade 12 they areeven more prepared for the presidential role.Vlad: do you have fears that these positions will open up since the senator restriction is gone?Ethan: Will be a popularity contest, but the other requirements such as the mentorship programand multiple meetings that they must attend will prepare them for their positionSammy: Will also be an interview with Dale to see if the candidate is eligible for their position-Has the power to not allow the candidate to run if the candidate is not deemed right forthe positionJack: A negative of the grade 12 requirement is that it ensures that capable candidates fromyounger grades are not allowed to run against a lesser candidate in grade 12. A real concern.Miles Moser: might become hectic with people since candidates have to be here every meetingEthan: space isn't a concern, can move the meeting to the auditorium if we have to-No limit to amount of candidates per role.VOTE TO PASS ELECTIONS ACT AMENDMENTS: SENATE3 abstain2 againstRest forPassed in the SenateElections act will be implemented this year if it passes in the next class rep and executivemeeting
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Senate Meeting Mon Mar 25 2019