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Senate Meeting Tue Apr 2 2019

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Description SAC Senate Meeting Minutes 02/04/19Minutes: 3Start Time: 11:38 a.m.End Time: 11:41 a.m.SAC EXEC STATEMENTSSammy: meeting tomorrow ​(April 3)​ for candidates who want to run for SAC positions-At​ lunch​ in ​room 102Laine: For prom you must fill out a guest form if you are going with someone outside of school-Must be filled out at the time of purchase of the ticket-grad sweaters will be distributed at lunch in the foyerJoey: ​Budget meeting: April 11 after school​ in heritage room or computer lab from last time.-It is an official senate meeting, it is mandatory for you to show up.Sammy on behalf of Ethan (Ethan isn’t here): elections act amendments are passedNEW BUSINESSMalcolm: pride week is next week.-Assembly, activities in foyer. Will be a fun time.
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Senate Meeting Tue Apr 2 2019