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Senate Meeting Thu Oct 24 2019

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Description MeetingMinutesStart:​11:35amEnd:​ 11:54amExec StatementsJaleelah: The budget has not get been passed by class repsCooper: Class rep meeting tomorrow. Dress up for halloween.Ria: Halloween we are gonna do a movie. AdvertiseRobin: SACStore has been extended.Natasha: Sign the attendance!Miles: Class reps!Sohier: Make sure class reps hand in sheets.Passing ClubsB.R.O., Environthon, Animal AlliesPass: 27Against: 0Abstain: 3B.R.OEthan: What is it? “Unpopular world views” sounds questionable.●A less formal version of Social Justice ClubFinesse: Can girls join?●YesClass Reps●Mikayla: Teachers are reluctant to hold elections●We will put things in their mailboxes to get class reps elected ASAP
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Senate Meeting Thu Oct 24 2019