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Senate Meeting Mon Jan 20 2020

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Description Meeting Minutes Exec statements Jaleelah: Spend your money or we will recoup it Miles: Constitution reform committee apps still open. Natasha: Sign the attendance Robin: Follow prom instagram! Join NSS Prom Dresses 2020. Send me ideas/designs for spring SACStore and grad hoodie designs. Prom location is at Arcadian Court on May 29! Ria: Two more pyjama days! Next spirit day is Valentine’s day Parent Council Any concerns? Finesse (Serena) Yearbook: Tell people to fill out the yearbook survey! ​http://bit.ly/NSSquiz Ryan (Supercouncil): Yearbook people will be coming to homerooms on Thursday for undergrad photo. Parent council: The parent council has 20,000 and no one has applied for the money. We have allocated $6,000. Application is on ​http://nsscouncil.com​, page is under “Money Matters”. You can apply if you’re a club ​or​ activity.
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Senate Meeting Mon Jan 20 2020