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Senate Meeting Tue Feb 18 2020

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Description Meeting Minutes Start time: End time: Exec statements Miles: Cooper isn’t here so I’m chairing the meeting Ria: Twin day is in March! Robin: Prom is on May 29, follow the instagram and join the fb group. Grad hoodies and SACStore are coming soon. Mikayla: Can you post the Natasha: Sign the attendance! Jaleelah: If you have questions about the budget you should have been at the budget meeting but if you still do message me. Other items Natalie: Swastikas are around in the school. Since we’re student leaders, we need to be turning stuff like this in. Ethan (Safeschools): Yeah. I agree with Natalie. Miles: If you see something, even if you’re not offended by it, report it. Also don’t draw them. Finesse: No new clubs in yearbook. Senate picture being taken next meeting, class rep photo being taken at next meeting. Constitution reform ➔ Happening Thursday at lunch, message anyone on the committee if you have something you want to be brought up (me)
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Senate Meeting Tue Feb 18 2020