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Senate Meeting Tue Oct 27 2020

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Description SENATE MEETING MINUTES Meeting Information: Attendance Date: October 27 2020 Location: Zoom Start Time: 3:30 PM End Time: 4:31 PM Topic(s) of Discussion Agenda Aleksi: Welcome to the Senate, introductions Aleksi: Explaining Senate function, according to the constitution and Zoom protocols Aleksi: Passing Baseball Club Aleksi: Passing all other clubs and associations Gabe: Explaining the budget Gabe: TDSB, concerning virtual high school Yosaf: Check in with associations > Dale explaining club/association functioning Joyce: Club fair Nina: Spirit week Sam: SAC store Aleksi: Deciding on a meeting schedule Questions/Concerns/Suggestions Intros!!!! Exec and Senate members: President: Joyce Li Vice-president: Aleksi Toiviainen Treasurer: Gabe Osmond Secretary: Mia Dong Internal Social Director: Nina Shapiro External Social Director: Sam Reiken Grade 12 Senator: Noah Hunt Grade 11 Senator: Sierra Benayon Grade 10 Senator: Ben Hopkins Speaker: Yosaf Shah Deputy Speaker: Katie Soro Social Media Senator: Simone Ellen Stern PTA: Gethin James TDSB: Tamara Cvijan, Jeremy Zhu Safe Schools: Vinusha Uthayakumar NSS Foundation: Audrey Chan Webmaster: Ken Shibata Explaining Senate Aleksi * Senates job is to advise exec * Required to meet biweekly, will figure out when to meet in a later time * Forced to participate in spirit days * Minimum attendance of senate meeting is half of senate (36 senate = must have over 18) * Every senator can vote, must have majority of 50% plus one majority to pass bills * Order of speaking: person bringing up item will speak first, if anyone wishes to speak, will put name in the chat and called on in that order Passing Baseball Club Aleksi * Received a charter from baseball club, they want to become a club * Discussion based club Link posted into the chat to vote Result: Baseball passes 31 pass, 3 no, 1 abstain Baseball club has passed, congrats! Aleksi: Passing all existing associations Results: 33 pass 1 no All associations pass! Aleksi: Passing all existing clubs Clubs: 32 pass, 2 no All clubs pass! Aleksi: let your staff advisors know that your association has passed, keep in touch with your staff advisor Budget Gabe * Explaining budget * No student fee this year * PTA cants fundraise * Only income from SAC store * Plan: organizations don't need funds as much this year, a lot of organizations have leftover funds from last year- we can use those * Question from black nss: was planning to use leftover funds from last year * Answer: Can request for money needed this year again * Question: Will funds an association has leftover from last year be given back to SAC to be reallocated? * A: No Gabe: * Virtual school is being changed to be planned out by the principal * The Exec will discuss this info with Mr. Marshall tomorrow * PTA is meeting with Mr. Marshall to discuss this Associations and clubs Yosaf * Bring info from here back to association * Please remember to be inclusive of everyone * Helpful resources to get questions answered are association and club staff advisors and SAC exec- Nina (Insta: @Ninashapiro_) Dale: * Added to meeting agenda * Would like to reiterate that clubs and associations are encouraged to meet virtually this year. All of them have to have staff advisors and they must be in the meeting and event * For posting flyers and meeting links: please post them conspicuously instead of publicly advertising the information. Send meeting links to emails or social media instead of on a facebook page Club fair Joyce: * Club fair: * Sac wants every club and association to film a short 2-3 min video to be able to advertise each club and association instead of having an in person club fair. * Participation in these videos is optional * Point of videos is to advertise clubs to students, especially grade nines * Question: since its on a google doc, can it be a document/ blurb instead of a video * Ryan: he feels that some clubs should be able to do a poster similar to club fair, also, is it possible to have a document where kids can ask questions about each club to the people who are in the club? Joyce: she thinks it would be a good idea to allow for various formats. Kids will also be able to contact the exec Maya: Can people take pictures of last years posters and add them to the google drive? If a club needs to retrieve a poster from school would they be able to? Dale: Wants to prevent people from travelling across the school but a poster digitally would be fine. Sierra: Likes the idea - to be consistent, the SAC can come up with a few bullet points for what to have in the video like guidelines Joyce: There is one, wants clubs purpose, club meeting locations Bridget: When would the video need to be done by? Joyce: it still needs to be decided depending on club interest, there would be at least two weeks time but currently it still needs to be figured out Sac Store Sam: SAC store is open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help get the word out about it and tell your friends and clubs and associations should tell members to follow the SAC insta @sacnss . Store closes next Thursday!! Let her know about any questions! (Insta @sreiken) Spirit Days Nina: Halloween week is being done at school from the 26th to the 30th. The more people that participate, the better. Encourage people to dress up. Spirit days coming up - pajama day, twin day, jersey day * Big events are still being worked out due to covid but we will let you know Senators are supposed to participate in all spirit days! Meeting days Aleksi: Voting Meeting days - Tuesdays are most popular followed by Monday and then Wednesdays Results for preliminary vote: Tuesdays 3:30 - 26 votes Monday 3:30 - 21 votes Monday 1:00 - 18 votes Wednesday 3:30 - 17 votes Friday 1:00 - 14 votes Tuesday 1:00 - 13 votes Wednesday 1:00 - 13 votes Winner: Tuesday after school has won! Second vote to narrow the list down: Results: Tuesday 3:30- 30.1% (25 votes) Mondays 3:30- 21.7%, (18 votes) Monday 1:00- 19.3% (16 votes) Wednesday 3:30- 14.5% (12 votes) Thursday 3:30- 14.4% (12 votes) Audrey, sibyl, maya, jack, Mia (and a few others?) unable to make Tuesdays at 3:30 Other business Ethan (Black NSS) * Census about general northern experience, Mr. Marshall will be sending that out to students * Wants to put forward advertising reminding people to vote - provincial, federal elections Ryan: Wear costumes on Friday!! Ask your teacher to send a picture to the links they have in their email Nina: Please dress up and participate!!! Aleksi: No one even wished me a happy birthday :( Everyone: Happily about to sing Aleksi: Just kidding, not actually my birthday Everyone: Sad :( Meeting adjourned! (imaginary gavel hit) - 4:31pm
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Senate Meeting Tue Oct 27 2020