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Senate Meeting Tue Nov 10 2020

3 minutes
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Meeting Information: Attendance
Date: November 10
Location: Zoom
Start Time: 3:31pm
End Time: 4:01

Topic(s) of Discussion
Aleksi: Passing clubs
Aleksi: Pay it Forward association status vote
Vinusha: School safety updates
Gabe: Describing the budget request process
Nina: Spirit days
Aleksi: House of reps elections


Aleksi:Passing the following clubs: Duke of Ed, NSS Anime, Entrepreneur club
Voting to pass all the following clubs: All clubs have passed! 26 for, 1 against

Aleksi: Passing NSS Pals
Voting to pass: Pals has passed 23 for, 3 against, 1 abstain

Aleksi: Passing Pay It Forward Club to become association
Voting to pass: It has passed! 25 for, 2 against, 1 abstain

Vinusha: Safe Schools Senator
* Second floor Womens washroom ran out of soap mid day. Problem was solved but not solved fast enough.
* Someone had brought forward that they feel their desk was not cleaned/ disinfected because a pencil mark was there for multiple days straight.
* Issues will be brought up at Sac exec meeting with mr. marshall

Gabe: Treasurer
* Over the week all associations were emailed about funding from last year.
* Funding is being split up into quads
* Gabe would like associations to request money based on their needs from their previous budget
* BlackNSS, Debate, Yearbook, GSA need to get back to him this week by Wednesday
Nina: ISD
* Spirit weeks instead of days
* Spirit week next week - poll will be posted in the senate group chat to figure out which one to do

* Make sure to tell your classmates and friends to get involved.

Aleksi: House of reps
* We will have them for next quad
* All classes will be able to vote for their rep each quad
* Having a representative for each class is important, senators should not be reps since there is no use.
* Bridget: How will it work with three different quads
* Answer: There will be a new class rep elected each quad

* Ethan Shap: He feels that the house of reps wont come because they are only in office for a few months. In the past people wouldn’t come for the entire year.
* Aleksi: Agrees, understands the concern but it would be difficult to have one class rep for the entire year because of the different quads

* Tamara: Feels it will be a good idea because students will be involved since its a shorter term

* Ken Shibata: Can we combine 2 quads when electing class reps?

* Ryan Stainsby: Worried about frequency of meetings since its only once a month. Wants to do meetings more often.
* Aleski: It is tricky and they are concerned as well, but over time there will be less of a need to do things urgently since clubs and associations have been passed.
Ethan Shap:
BlackNSS is running a TDSB wide project and would like to bring awareness to everyone. Jewish heritage club will also be participating. If there are any clubs that involve minority issues or important topics they can join them as well. Reach out through instagram.
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Senate Meeting Tue Nov 10 2020