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Senate Meeting Tue Nov 24 2020

2 minutes
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Meeting Information: Attendance
Date: Dec 15, 2020
Location: Zoom
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Topic(s) of Discussion

Yosaf: Club vote
Nina: Holiday spirit week
Gabe: Budget update and budget approval
Yosaf: Cohort Representative elections update

Happy holidays!!


Taking a yearbook photo first!

Clubs to pass

Pet rescue club: raising awareness for pets without homes, (rescuing)
Literacy club: create a safe space for writers and readers to create and share their work and voice their opinions

Yosaf: no representative is available to talk on their behalf, will just put the voting poll in the chat

Results: 23 results for, 1 abstain, 0 against both clubs to be passed

Nina: Spirit Week
Spirit week is this week!
Highly encourage all of senate to dress up for spirit week, tell everyone and tell all your friends
Take pictures (if you can) to post on the SAC instagram

Gabe: Budget
Sent the link to the group, but can’t be reviewed just yet waiting for admin approval
Will send the approved list later and do strawpoll in the chat

Cohort Rep:
Have 24/120
Please encourage your homeform
Shap: maybe run an announcement because many students don’t know about it
Yosaf: actually for teachers to do, they've been sent many emails not the students job but students can encourage teachers to hold their elections

Any other business?

Shap: for admin were speaking about diversity related programs wondering if any progress has been taken about this issue

Joyce: last time checked we were trying to host a talk with a black transgender activist → something we’re working on but still need approval/working things out with admin

Shap: is there anything on mental health/racism awareness?

Wellnss: is working on programs about mental health
Shap: remembered talks about large scale work relating to a body of diversity, promised large sums of funding
Gabe: wellness did not submit any budget request: did not need money for what they are planning
Joyce: never promised anything, talked with presidents of each club but has not been needed by them
Joyce: will plan a meeting possibly with all heads/associations and will let Shap (senator of BlackNSS) know and be involved
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Senate Meeting Tue Nov 24 2020