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Senate Meeting Tue Dec 8 2020

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Description SENATE MEETING MINUTESMeeting Information: AttendanceDate: Dec , Location: ZoomStart Time:End Time:Topics of DiscussionAgendaAGENDASenate Meeting of December Aleksi: Explaining the ASL interpreter protocolAleksi: Cohort Reps Election UpdateAleksi: DHH BillGabe: BudgetSam: SAC StoreAleksi: Meeting next week?Questions/Concerns/SuggestionsDHH BillAleksi Very long and complicated bill : But first: the cohort reps Teachers with Cblock have all been emailed about class rep elections Each cohort votes, highest becomes cohort rep, second highest votes becomes vice rep Hoping for it to form soon next weekDHH Billhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/IcMOAlCbaLqGJZzWSRiBlSuNQoqhDMDlHc/edit?usp=sharing Establishing a senator for DHH will be called the act Deafness: referred to the community deafness: the medical condition Purpose: to create a position, one that is represented Not all DHH students are in the program, the senator will represent all students DHH Cannot change the constitution until the end of the year Section B only for this year is this act, next year, this bill will be thrown out UNLESS it is added into the constitution Duties and responsibilities: supports all DHH students Responsible for reporting DHH community Aleksi does a read through of Mrs. Heather Kesslers perspective about the DHH senator DHH students face many barriers day to day, Language is not so straightforward SAC is addressing the inequities that DHH students face Through student government, will create a positive environment If anyone wants to reflect on that statement: message aleksi To be a senator: DHH student at northern, in the DHH strand or a DHH student in the academic strand ASL interpreter Unfortunately was not able to get an interpreter for this meeting For both senate meetings as well as application interviews hopefully going live soon will try to make them as accessible as possible Dale: have done this in the past, not as complicated as its sounding. No interpreter right now because union issues not during school times will be much harder to get an interpreter Selecting a DHH senator: Interviews will be held by vice president and one more executive member Aleksi thinks the bill is perfect that must mean it isVote on bill: Vote for, AbstainMotion is carriedDeaf : identify with part of the deaf communitydeaf: do not identify with the communityBudgetGabe: Is being very nice and will be extending the deadline Submit them ASAP, by following wednesday the latestSam SAC store is in, within the next two weeks will have a pick up system of some sortAleksiWondering if there needs to be a meeting next weekTentative: meeting next week Tuesday
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Senate Meeting Tue Dec 8 2020