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Senate Meeting Tue Jan 12 2020

2 minutes
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Description Meeting Information Attendance Topic(s) of Discussion Agenda budget Questions Concerns Suggestions Chair Gabe Goes through the document https docs.google.com spreadsheets d 1OWtogIQutx28J3vl-JFV6t_PnLIFzlfyD9CuVASMLoo edit?usp=sharing Tess Q about revoked unused funds, will it be taken away? G e.g. epigram got money to publish newspapers but funds were never used so the requests were invalid. These funds were never really approved, so SAC has the chance to take back the money especially because there is no student activity fee and will need as much unneeded money from the clubs Money will be taken back and redistributed throughout the quads to different associations Ryan on behalf of yearbook, second column D (amount SAC granted), uncertain about some numbers G contacted the staff advisor, but that was the number that was given, If presented with records, will put money back into account for quad 3 Individual Requests G GAA had a request for $2000 for athletic banquet materials Approved because it was planned last year to give awards plaques Debate - funds are all fundraising (belongs to them) Approved, it is there money GSA requests a lot Approves $450, GSA can rerequest speaker for next quad when it is needed NSSPals foreign cooking exchange Approved, reasonable request for club Smartrisk - completely fundraised fund Approved, it is their money United Way - reimburse from fundraising Disapprove, we don’t usually cover fundraising costs, there isn’t enough money especially this year to reimburse Yearbook requested 2200 for lens, SD cards, safe, 150 for gift cards Only approve $150 for gift cards, there is a safe in the school already, $650 for SD cards disapproved because TDSB already provides unlimited google photos storage so reuse SD cards and transfer photos onto the cloud $450 for low lens light - unfortunately not in school, will not be needing this lens, it can be approved for later quads IF we were to get back to school and fashion show and drama were to happen Garden club - requested $800 for garden supplies Approved $500, they can request the other $300 in the spring - stated for spring supplies Operation Smile - requested money from Among Us tournament Approved Ethan wondering if BlackNSS requested any money G no Finesse pay it forward is now an association G will change that! Straw poll 29 votes for 1 vote abstain Budget goes forward
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Senate Meeting Tue Jan 12 2020