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Senate Meeting Tue Feb 23 2020

2 minutes
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Meeting Information: Attendance
Date: Feb 23
Location: Zoom
Start Time: 3:30
End Time:

Topic(s) of Discussion
Gabe: Where we’re at with the budget, where we’re at with auditing
Aleksi: CRC updates, Public consultations
Aleksi/Yosaf: House of Representatives
Ken: The website
Aleksi: Passing clubs



Gabe - since the budget got implemented very late, SAC is extending spending time until the end of quad 3. If it’s not spent by the end of quad 3, the funds will be taken back
* When funds are used, send receipts/invoice to Gabe, and he will process funds for you
* Quad 3 budget should be running next week
* Audit will be done at the end of quod 3 - an update on how clubs spent their money
Aleksi: how should clubs/associations give info for the audit
Gabe: send in the invoices ASAP, all invoices MUST be sent by the advisor
* You cannot request for money if you do not have the funds for the quad
* Budget should be ready by march 9
Aleksi: we are working on budget transparency! Making a video
* Main issue with budget is that the budget is very difficult to understand

Passing clubs

Result: pass!


Aleksi is not happy that not everyone is agreeing with him
Made some suggestions, published in the facebook group
* March - finish budget act, entire elections act, clubs to associations,
* April - finish all amendments, finish everything else and pass it through senate and HOR
Public consolations:
* Either by video call, messenger, etc for anyone to talk and discuss their thoughts on CRC (focusing only on budget and elections act)


Yosaf - teachers have been emailed, make sure you’re reminding the teachers!!!!

Northern Website updates

Ken: changes made: new website is free, faster, mobile friendly!, looks cooler! Open source(security improved)!
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Senate Meeting Tue Feb 23 2020