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Date: April 20, 2021
Time: 3:30 PM

* Aleksi: End of Quad 3! How are things going? Clubs and personally

* Sam: Grad hoodies
* New design updates without price change will be implemented
* New design includes the word “GRAD” as people were very passionate with their thoughts
* Jeremy: Update on Homeroom Hangouts
* A great turnout! 170 students!!
* Has been working with the team and looking through the notes to gather informations and problems that may need to be addressed
* Aleksi: we cant say what the results are, we must run it by Admin first. A survey will also be distributed later

* Ryan: Equity Director legislation
* A position (started out as a senator position, but grown to an executive position) whose job is to oversea student equity (acknowledging that everyone is at a different place in the school and need different support) and diversity (everyone will feel welcome and everyone can do something if that want)
* Equity director will work with the equity council (students from clubs like blacknss, femnss, social justice, other students interested, etc)
* Being finalized and will come with the CRC
* If you have any questions/concerns/etc about the position, let Ryan know and talk to him so things can be sorted out
* We want this position to be in the executive because it will have increased power, better communication with Admin, greater influence on the student body
* Aleksi: Elections Committee applications closed
* Aleksi: CRC
* In a week or two, we’ll be able to show the slideshow of all the changes that are hoped to be made and vote on the new constitution
* the slideshow will be given out before the meeting
* Hoping to get through all concerns before the meeting, so once the slideshow is released, look through it and raise any concerns to the committee before the meeting
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