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Date: May 4, 2021
Time: 3:30 PM

* Gabe: Budget, possibly legislation
* New requests can be sent in but there won’t be another budget
* Only have 30 days to spend it so if more time is required just wait for next year
* You MUST have to send it through staff advisor
* Sam: Grad, ESD
* Make sure you do the gown/cap form for sizing, check out the email Mr Marshall sent and make sure you complete everything there!! Super important and super soon
* Ryan (message from yearbook): not only grads, its for ALL grade 12s, we WANT PHOTOS !!!!!!!!
* Pass on this message to the rest of your class
* Mr Marshall: remind people to sign up for gowns, if people don’t have $25 right now, it can happen later, but sizing has to be done very soon
* Nina (TBD): Announcement!
* June 2nd, virtually, during morning asynchronous time
* Will be announced on social media within the next couple of days
* All genres are accepted, no inappropriate content/swearing
* Spread the news :)
* Aleksi: Online learning, a couple other things going on
* Takes a video for SAC instagram account
* Ford wants to make online learning a permanent option, is looking into this, might be something to watch out for

* Aleksi: Voting on club charter: No Means No NSS
* Club passes: 26 votes for, 1 abstain
* Aleksi: Association Status: Garden Club
* Passes the senate!
* Aleksi tells a bad joke about flowers bees A and B

* Katie: Class reps elections
* Class reps instead of cohort reps for this quad
* Make sure your class elects a class rep! Senators cannot be class reps
* House of Reps meeting on May 18th - will be approving CRC amendments!
* Aleksi: hoping for a lot of reps :)
* Aleksi: Constitution Reform is finally coming!
* Scheduling
* Procedure
* Public engagement
* Meeting on the 11 to look over this!
* If you have any questions feel free to email any of the CRC members
* Aleksi: “i am the chair of so many things, i lose track”
* Aleksi: SAC Elections Update
* Yay elections are starting!
* Hoping to start elections week on may 31 and finishing on June 4
* Katie: NSSAir
* clubs/associations should send in announcements!! Events coming up, exec applications, etc
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