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Meeting Information: Attendance
Date: June 1
Location: Zoom
Start Time: 3:30
End Time: 3:45

Topic(s) of Discussion
* Elections
* Passing association status
* Model UN
* Northern Law Society

SAC Elections
* Election voting is opened!
* Everyone should have received their ballots by now
* Epigram has posted an interview with every single candidate: please share this info!
* Want to make sure everyone is very informed about the candidates before voting
* Video playlist
* Epigram Interviews
* Northern SAC website
* Hoping for a higher vote turn out this year!!
* Questions/Comments - none!

Model UN: voting on association status
* Results: 18 votes for, 2 votes abstain
* Passes the senate! - not the HOR yet

Northern Law Society: also voting on association status
* https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bM1hNNSTgt0q_SJAXwh0JXancqUtUVJw/view
* Results: 17 votes for, 2 votes against, 1 vote abstain
* Passes the senate!

Other fun things!
* 16 days of school left!
* Equity legislation is still in the works
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