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On this page you will find frequently asked questions about the SAC and Northern.

How do I request money for my club?
You will be able to request money through the Budget Request Form, then sending it to the SAC Treasurer Gabe Osmond.
Is it too late to start up or renew a club?
No! Students can charter their clubs at any point during the year. All that’s required to start a new club is 1) A unique purpose 2) At least five interested members 3) A staff advisorOnce these three conditions have been met, students can submit their club charter. As everything is virtual this year and many don’t have access to a scanner, students can simply submit a Google Form application.
How do I create a new club?
You will need to fill out this form, and the SAC will handle it from there.
How do I contact the SAC or the webmaster?
Please contact the SAC from the contact page and the webmaster from here.
Where can I Find Other Info About Northern?
You can find a lot of info including floor plans, calendars, and more at the NSS Student Agenda and the NSS Website. Also, you can find info about the TDSB in general at the TDSB website.
What is Northern's school song?
Sadly we don’t have an audio clip now, but the lyrics are available here:
Hail Dear Old Northern
School of Fame and Learning
Thy praise we’re singing
Hear our voices ringing
Through the years to follow
Always we’ll be true to
Thy colours flying
Red, Gold and Blue
Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah
How much money does the SAC have?

Our balance is constantly changing as the year goes on, so there is no specific number to define our account, but we

will always aim to have enough to support any activities that the school needs.

Where does the SAC get its money from without the student activity fee?
We are currently (2021-02-02) using the remaining funds from the 2020 Spring budget that we have redistributed to the SAC general account.
What will the SAC use its money for, and how is it decided?
We will use our monies to run school wide events such as spirit week and guest speakers, as well as fund club and association events that will benefit the school. The budget requests would be handled by the current SAC Treasurer, Gabe Osmond.
How do I Reset My TDSB Student Account Password?
You can reset your password here.
How do I view this site locally?
Please clone the Git repo for this site and run hugo in the repo (with dependencies). You may need an internet connection, as pages such as the FAQ, Clubs, Minutes, etc are generated from a JSON file which is downloaded from another Git repo. To circumvent this, you must download the files and change the source to use the downloaded files instead. We might change the CI pipeline to download the files pre running Hugo, so the process described before is easier to do (no source edits).
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