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Day Schedule

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Day schedule diagram provided by the TDSB


Note: Times are in 24 hour format.

Note: on Early Closing days, times may be changed from what is shown below. Early Closing days may have a “(Early Closing)” event on the School Events Calendar.

08:35 Classrooms are open

08:40 10 minute warning bell

08:45 5 minute warning bell

08:50 Period 1 begins

12:30 Period 1 ends

12:30 Period 2 begins

15:15 Period 2 ends

Signing In / Signing Out

Note: Appointments should be made after school hours whenever possible. Students who wish to be excused during the day must observe the following procedures: • Students must present a note from their parent/guardian to the Vice-Principal Office prior to leaving. • Students who wish to go home during the school day because of illness must sign out in the VP’s office. Students may not leave until a parent or guardian has been contacted. • If a student goes home for lunch and is unable to return, parents/guardians must contact the school by phone or email. • Students returning from an appointment must sign in at the VP office.

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Day Schedule